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My adventures into Motherhood

Superfood flapjack

We have NHS hoop number three coming up. A visit to the nutritionist clinic for Mikala to discuss her allergies and how to manage her diet. The fact that it’s … Continue reading

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My Sagrada Familia

Our most recent holiday was to Barcelona for some late summer sunshine. The flight time was just a little over two hours, so very achievable with a toddler and a … Continue reading

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An eczema journey

Mikala’s eczema made itself known when she was about four months old. Now she’s nearly a year old and her skin has been perfectly clear for months with the odd … Continue reading

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Posing among blossoms

For my birthday this year Nath got me a family photo session which is just the best idea ever for someone who had just had (less than a month ago) … Continue reading

July 19, 2013 · 1 Comment

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day Nath! This is your third one, getting experienced now 😉 And its the first one with your darling new daughter Mikala who started off the day with … Continue reading

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Potty training week

Sofia is in pants…..undies we call em’ back home. And she loves being a big girl who knows when to go to the potty. I have Princess Polly to thank … Continue reading

May 22, 2013 · 1 Comment

Itchy scratchy eczema

My defective genes have made themselves known in my poor defenceless offspring. Mikala has eczema! Poor itchy scratchy inflamed red rashy little baby….. About a month ago, just after we … Continue reading

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My baby is broken

Everything was going so well, Mikala was settling in and sleeping well and taking quite a lot of milk – a seemingly hungry baby – and then we hit week … Continue reading

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Miki moi moi

My second and quite possibly my last baby has arrived! Born on the 18th December 2012, she arrived to much less fuss and fanfare than her sister Sofia. I kept … Continue reading

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A pickles scenario

At my last ante natal check up, I asked the Doc when I was scheduled in for my c-section on the 18th December. He flippantly replied “The afternoon I think, … Continue reading

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