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Miki moi moi

My second and quite possibly my last baby has arrived! Born on the 18th December 2012, she arrived to much less fuss and fanfare than her sister Sofia. I kept my legs crossed and made it to my scheduled c-section date and everything went according to plan. For someone who likes control and things going to plan, this was very nice indeed.

Por Por arrived the day before my scheduled date and Sofia was a very good girl on the Tuesday when Mum and Dad were at the hospital. Calmly walking down the corridor to theatre with my entourage, I felt they should be playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ but everything was very efficient and over with before I even had time to put in a request to the DJ. The next day is always the worst, I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach by Jet Li. (If you don’t know who Jet Li is, please promptly rent the movie ‘The One’ which proves the only worthy adversary for Jet Li is Jet Li.) So I asked that Sofia didn’t come to the hospital on that day to visit me, and instead Nath took her to the Science Museum for a special outing and some quality Dad-time. Instead, everyone came to the hospital on Thursday for a picnic in our private room and I found that I could still lift Sofia onto my lap if I was sitting down. She was quite intrigued by Mikala, but also a little bit confused. She patted my squishy tummy and said ‘moi moi’. Nothing boosts your post-natal confidence like being told you still look pregnant by your two year old!

We took Mikala home on the Friday just before Christmas and had our first incident of too much love. Just as I had my back turned to put Sofia’s dinner on the table, she pulled Miki off the couch to hug her. I turned to see my three day old baby being squeezy-hugged by her big sister. Ever tried to wrestle something out of the death grip of a two year old? Without breaking it? Lucky Mikala is quite robust, she didn’t even cry throughout the whole ordeal. But she doesn’t get left on the couch anymore…..

Mikala is four months old now and I think the girls are going to be very good friends.



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