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Superfood flapjack

We have NHS hoop number three coming up. A visit to the nutritionist clinic for Mikala to discuss her allergies and how to manage her diet. The fact that it’s taken so long, and that I’ve already been managing for over half a year notwithstanding, I really hope they have some truly enlightening facts to share that I can’t already glean from the internet because the hospital visit takes place on MY BIRTHDAY. So it’s not going to be one of the more exciting birthdays I’ve ever had…….

Mikala is quite weeny for her age, she’s wearing a lot of things that Sof wore at 9 months old. But she is happy and healthy, just petite, with an equally petite appetite to match. She’s also a bit picky and only eats what she wants to eat, preferring to feed herself and refusing the spoon or any attempts to broach her piehole with something she hasn’t expressly chosen for herself. Getting her to try new foods is tedious as well, the first three times (at least) they get biffed straight onto the floor before being tentatively licked and then thrown to the floor. She also prefers textures that are firm but yielding in the mouth – like banana, sausage, kiwifruit, fish finger, spring rolls, chips, pasta shapes – rather than squishy things like mash. She’s a big fan of plain rice too, I try to clump it up into balls but despite my efforts, the half mile radius around her high chair looks like we’ve had a freak edible snowfall of rice.

Being exposed to Mikala’s allergies has introduced me to a whole new world of alternative food and health food shops and made me very aware of what we’re all eating and whether it’s actually good for you. There’s a great shop in Kingston called Food for Thought where I stock up on weird things that I would never have eaten a year ago. In trying to get as many densely nutritious foods into Kala as possible I’ve invented a flapjack recipe that I call Superfood Flapjack! It’s gone down a treat with Nath and the girls 🙂

Start with a cup of Spelt flour, spelt is a ‘heritage grain’, an ancestor to modern wheat with all of its nutrients intact and is more readily acceptable to those with wheat intolerance. Then add a cup of milled Flaxseed, I used Linwoods brand with added probiotics and Vitamin D, for omega 3, good gut bacteria and some sunshine vitamin. Plus a cup of Oats, can’t be a flapjack without oats! Then you can add whatever you like, dessicated coconut, chia seeds, goji berries, chopped apricots, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, maca powder, according to your taste and nutrition benefit requirements. It’s all bound together with some melted butter/dairy free spread with coconut oil and some low-GI agave syrup. For extra flavour I used a sprinkle of dark brown sugar for that caramel taste and a maple-flavoured agave syrup, but you could also use active Manuka honey which has a strong taste as well as being good for you. Mix everything together until it’s well-combined and holding together as a ball, without being too wet. Then turn it out into a square slice tin and bake at 175-180 degrees until browned and firm to the touch and you can smell that sweet oaty smell. Cool it a little before slicing it in the tin and lever the bits out to cool completely, or just devour immediately in a guilt-free binge.

I would post a pic of my efforts, but we’ve eaten the whole batch already…….


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