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Potty training week

Sofia is in pants…..undies we call em’ back home. And she loves being a big girl who knows when to go to the potty.

I have Princess Polly to thank for Sof’s gung ho attitude towards wees and poos, or woos and pees as she says when she sometimes gets confused. This helpful potty training book has Princess Polly pick her own potty and her own pants so your child can pick her favourites too. This helped me to get a potty and pants that I knew Sof would love and want to use. Combined with her two favourite cartoon characters and the colour pink, I knew I was onto a winner. The fancy 3-in-1 potty I had invested in earlier was cast aside in favour of a pink Minnie Mouse potty and then we bought 10 pairs of Peppa Pig pants. Sof currently has a thing about having clean clothes, and anything she accidentally drops food on, she wants to put in the wash immediately, so she most definitely did NOT want to wee on her brand new big girl Peppa pants.

The Princess Polly book also has a big ‘Yay’ button that you can push when you read each page, and most importantly when Sof has done her wee or poo successfully in the potty. The book is long enough to keep her on the potty for quite a few minutes if you stretch it out by asking Sof a bunch of questions about what she sees in the pictures too, and it reinforces everything you need to know when you’re using the potty. I was actually going to wait til we moved house and train Sof in our new backyard, but she was so ready she wanted me to get her a pink potty and big girl pants. So in the midst of packing up the house I relented, and apart from a few accidents in the first few days she cottoned on really quick! But I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that having wet pants and squidgy shoes is really unpleasant.

The day we picked up the potty was a Friday, and she was so excited with it, she carried it home from Sainsbury’s herself! And once home, she promptly did a wee in it! Saturday was a nappy day because her disorganised parents couldn’t contend with potty training, swimming class and a long trip to Surbiton to sign our new lease agreement at the estate agents office. Sunday she was in pants for the first full day and there were three accidents, one of which was at the park resulting in squidgy shoes which she refused to wear home. This is why it’s much easier to stay home during potty training week! In the next few days, the only accidents that occurred were when I was otherwise distracted, most notably a poo in the corner of the lounge whilst I was bathing Mikala. Sof proudly ran into the bathroom to tell me that she’d ‘done a poo!’ And I said ‘you mean a wee?’ To which she replied again ‘done a poo!’ Uh oh….. Miki’s bath got cut short and I braced myself for some monkey poo-slinging carnage in my lounge, and I prayed ‘not on the couch, please don’t let it be on the couch’. As soon as I walked into the lounge I spotted a wee in the potty and I momentarily relaxed, but then the smell hit me. There’s definitely a poo in here…..somewhere….

Sof was kind enough to direct me to it, rather than let me play blind mans bluff with my nose. And there sat two little logs in the corner of the room. I couldn’t be mad with her, this is all part and parcel of potty training, and I really should have moved the potty to the bathroom so I could monitor her while I was giving Miki her bath….note to self…. So all I could do was clean it up and reiterate to Sof again, that we do our poos in the potty, not on the floor.

Since the initial hiccups of the first few days, Sof has been having more and more successful attempts at the potty and my reminders are getting further and further apart. We’re in the second week since getting the potty, and Sof now takes herself off to the bathroom to do her wee by herself and then she calls me to help her wipe and wash her hands. She has even wee’d at the mall on a public toilet. I forgot to take her seat with us, so I had to hold her up on the big seat, but after quite a bit of cajoling on my part and some sore arms, she did do a wee! We’ve also had short trips to the supermarket and the library without incident. But weirdly, when I asked her this week if she wanted to go to play group, she said no….. Maybe she just wants to be close to her Minnie potty? She did tell me that “Sofia likes Minnie potty” – and that I think is the secret to the success of potty training.

But if you want to know what else you need to have in order to have successful potty training, then I found ‘Potty training in one week‘ by Gina Ford really really helpful and quick to read. And don’t forget to get Princess Polly!



One comment on “Potty training week

  1. Tasha
    May 22, 2013

    How old is Sophia now? Our 2nd girl Navah is now 19months and starting to pee on toilet too but I haven’t gotten her some undies to go all the way.

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