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Posing among blossoms

For my birthday this year Nath got me a family photo session which is just the best idea ever for someone who had just had (less than a month ago) a new baby extracted via c-section. I was completely excited in a really exhausted kinda way, so I was very pleased when he said we could schedule it in for much much later……

Much later rolled around fast! And in early May we were headed to King George’s Park braving the tail end of winter which just didn’t seem to be making way for spring very well. It was windy and unpleasant. Our very understanding photographer, Annie Armitage, concurred that it was far too cold to attempt to photograph a four month old baby outside, so we postponed til Monday bank holiday. And what a difference in the weather! It was sunny and bright and warm with no wind! Annie was really prepared, she’d already scoped out the settings she wanted to capture in the background, had a game plan, and she’d paid us a visit beforehand to be introduced to Sofia and give me some tips on what to wear and what to bring. This made for an extremely relaxed and natural photo session. Great for a family who don’t know how to act natural and smile nicely once a camera is pointed at them. Annie captured us doing our normal thing with a little bit of direction and she did very well snapping Sofia while she was running around and generally being a typical uncooperative toddler. The session wasn’t too long, which was good for Miki who started to have a meltdown after being awake for 90 minutes, and before we knew it, the shoot was a wrap and it was lunchtime for the Andersons.

We weren’t going to see the photos until the end of May, after we had moved to Kingston, which is where Annie is based, but the wait was filled with packing up the flat in between two little people’s nap times, feed times and play groups. When the evening finally arrived, we hustled the kids to bed so that Lucy (Annie’s associate) could set up all the equipment and show us the proofs. The slideshow was just awesome and I just wanted to watch it over and over, but there was the more pressing matter of what to get!?!? Album, prints, canvas, or just digitals? We hadn’t really thought about it to be honest….. A quick decision and some number crunching later, we decided on an album plus mini albums, which would qualify us to get a USB with all the digitals Annie took on it.
Do you know how hard it is to be ruthless in your photo selection for an album when your kids are as cute as mine?? Tough job I tell ya……

Before the night was out, our order was placed and then we just had to wait three or so weeks for our album to be printed. Annie had all our pics on the client gallery so we could share the link with family and watch and re-watch our slideshow while we were waiting for our album to turn up. The proofing software Annie uses to do the album proof is very fast, easy to use and instant over the web and her turnaround time seemed very efficient. But June turned into July and we still hadn’t received our package! I tried to stay patient, but it was a bit like waiting for Christmas when you know that presents are coming! Annie was really apologetic about the long lead time and has ordered us a complimentary print for our wait.

Finally, the day arrived when Annie text me to say that she had our album and could she come over to drop it off? Heck yes! Everything was beautifully packaged in Annie’s signature turquoise colour and the album had been wrapped with care. It was stunning and everything I could have wished for! Sofia just loves looking at her pictures and the album is still being stored on our couch because it gets looked at so often. This is one of the best birthday presents Nathan has ever gotten me. Thanks my amazing hubby, and thanks to Annie for all the wonderful images you captured. 🙂



One comment on “Posing among blossoms

  1. Paula Connell
    July 25, 2013

    Love the photos! what a beautiful family 🙂

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