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Countdown to baby 2

With less than a month to go til Sofia’s moi moi (little sister) arrives, I’m feeling pretty calm considering. The cot is made up and waiting at the end of our bed, her tiny clothes are all arranged neatly in her drawer and I have a supply of nappies and wipes and Sofia’s old baby toys are out and ready to entertain. Now, if only Sofia was so easy to get ready…….

I fear her adjustment will not be so simple as unpacking clothes and putting them into a drawer. I recently read the ABCs of baby #2 and it wisely compared the arrival of a new sibling as a similar situation to having a second wife brought home to live. Of course your child will be jealous!! Don’t be a moron!! Sage advice indeed. So far I’ve managed to get Sof to acknowledge the existence of moi moi, and she is noted as ‘hiding’ in mummy’s tummy until she’s ready to come out. We have also clarified that she is a ‘bubby’ and NOT a ‘maow maow’ (cat) – cue minor disappointment and a restructuring of expectations of mummy’s (lack of) awesomeness. We have a book about a new baby and the differences between being a baby and a big girl so we talk about moi moi’s deficiencies a lot and the fact that babies will cry sometimes because they don’t know how to talk.

I do love how Sof is a sponge for information at this age (22 months) and quite the chatterbox too. We have some good conversation between her still-limited vocabulary and my invented elaboration, and you can almost see the cogs turning in her head as she tries to make logic out of the misguided drivel I speak to her endlessly. That is, in amongst all the negotiations, bribery and talking-downs from the tantrum-ledge that motherhood is all about these days.

I’m planning on making a countdown calendar for Sof from the 1st December, so she can cross off the days til Por Por (my mum) arrives and when moi moi arrives, and see how many days mummy will be in hospital with moi moi before we can come home. Then of course it will be Christmas and she can open her presents, so that will have to be marked on there too. It’s going to be a pretty full and special advent calendar this year! Wish me luck πŸ™‚


2 comments on “Countdown to baby 2

  1. Coco D'Licious
    November 27, 2012

    My son is 22 months and we are just starting to plan our second. I must admit that although I am much more confident as a mummy I am a little nervous about the idea of managing with two! Good luck, hope you have a great birth and that your new family brings you lots of wonderful new adventures πŸ™‚ x

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