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Baby number 2

Yay me! I’m pregnant again! It was actually a bit of a surprise and I really didn’t think that I was pregnant. Stupid of me not to realise considering I’ve already done this once before….. Yes, we’ve been trying, but not really trying – not like when we planned Sofia – I haven’t been taking my temperature every morning and I haven’t even really been keeping a close eye on my period dates. But right before we went to Italy, I began to suspect that maybe I was pregnant, and took a ClearBlue test which confirmed I was 3+ weeks. I was trying to work out when that might have happened, and I was still trying to work it out when we saw the doctor after we returned from our trip. In the end, I said it would be best if he just measured the baby and told me when I had conceived. Turned out that I was already in my 12th week! So it was full steam ahead for nuchal test, and blood work that same afternoon! How had I been pregnant for 3 months already and not known about it? My theory is that my body was a bit better prepared this time, it already knew what to do so it just got on with it and didn’t really bother me too much with the details. Which suits me fine, because anyone who’s ever worked with me knows that I don’t like to micro-manage. This time I felt tired on the odd afternoon, but not the dead-bodied exhaustion that I had for two months in my first trimester the first time around. I used to come home from work, quickly eat and then fall into bed at 8pm for a deep comatose-patient sleep until the next morning. And I also haven’t been as hungry as the first time around either. I was eating everything I could get my hands on and doing all my work as a one-handed typist because the other hand was busy feeding a continuous stream of snacks to my face. I couldn’t even attend a one hour meeting without a mountain of supplies fit for an Everest climb, I was insatiable! This time I’ve felt like the odd morning and afternoon snack, but nothing like the ravenous wolf I was the first time.

Now I’m in my second trimester, the belly has begun to pop out already, and I swear I’ve already felt the baby move twice. These things are happening earlier than last time, but perhaps I’m now more aware. What’s great is that my friend Laura, who I was pregnant with the first time around, is pregnant with me again. She’s due in October and I’m due in December. We actually had a little competitive conception going on, because we always said that we wanted to have our babies at the same time, and our first babies were born only one day apart, so we were aiming for the same again with our second babies. When we agreed to go for number two (that’s Laura and I, not Nath and I) the race was on! She beat me to the punch again and egged me on for the next few months, and she was the only one who had a hunch that I was already pregnant even when I was convinced that I had missed the boat for a 2012 baby. Turns out that my official due date is the 31st December 2012! But it won’t be happening on that date folks, I’ll be scheduling in another elective cesarean before the start of the holidays. I’m sure that my doctor won’t be wanting to work over the holidays too 🙂 Nathan would actually like me to jump around on the 12/12/12 so that I can get the baby out on the coolest birthday, and given that Sofia was early, it might just happen.

Telling people the news has been great this time. There was no ‘keeping quiet’ period. As soon as the doctor confirmed everything I was free to tell people because I was already at 12 weeks. Last time keeping quiet was torture! I was most excited to tell my Mum and Dad, because in earlier Skype conversations Dad had been wishful thinking out loud for a grandson for Christmas. Well, now he’s getting a Christmas baby, and if it turns out to be a boy, I’ll really have done my duty as a daughter giving him exactly what he asked for! They were also already thinking about coming to London for Christmas this year, as Sofia will be turning two and will be so into Christmas and presents and Santa. So now they have even more impetus to come and more to celebrate with us. Telling my Mummy-friends at a recent girls movie night was fun. I took the print out of the scan I’d gotten and held it up when we’d all gathered at our usual spot by the ice-cream stand. Cue four grown women screaming, hugging and jumping up and down like school girls, they were so excited for me! And we were going to see ‘What to expect when you’re expecting‘ which made the movie that much more poignant and the jokes that much more hilarious. Afterwards at dinner there was lots of discussion on how our pregnancies and labours had gone compared to those portrayed in the movie. Telling the others about mine made me remember everything again, whereas some of the others can’t remember a thing, the birth is completely blacked out. And I suppose that is how some people are convinced to go back and do it all again!

I wouldn’t change anything about my first experience, but I was lucky enough to get the birth experience that I wanted. So I’m having an elective c-section again (recommended after a first c-section) much to my Mother’s dismay who feels that I should join the long line of ancestors who have struggled in labour and pushed their babies out into the world. Sorry, but it’s just not for me. So I really hope I’m not stuck on the tube or somewhere else miles away from the hospital because I know now that I have a really short labour period. From my waters breaking at 2am, I was already 4cm dilated at 4am. So I’ve got to get to the hospital quick smart and get prepped for theatre! Second time around I’m hoping that I’m mentally better prepared and cope with the contractions in a calmer state. I’m also hoping that I won’t have a ‘baby blues’ day because maybe this time I’ll feel less overwhelmed by it all, and I won’t be as anxious about my milk coming in or giving formula feeds in the meantime. The first time, no one told me that your milk can come in a bit late if you have a premature baby or a c-section and that it’s ok to give formula feeds to the baby until your milk comes in, and that it won’t interfere with your breastfeeding. If I’d known that, then I might not have been such an emotional wreck about not being able to breastfeed straight away! I’ll also be less horrified by the amount of meconium that the baby will squeeze out. When the midwife changed the first nappy, I thought “Great, that’s taken care of” but I didn’t know at the time that this sticky marmite toothpaste poo could go on for the first few days. Right now I’m looking forward to my next scan when the doctor will hopefully tell me whether we’re having a boy or a girl. Stay tuned for updates!

Scan picture 12 weeks


2 comments on “Baby number 2

  1. Tara
    July 3, 2012

    ooo I hope it’s a boy!!!! no pressure lol xxxx

  2. Rachael
    July 3, 2012

    So excited for you both, such happy news!!! Looking forward to seeing number 2 around Christmas.

    So many hugs and kisses being sent your way xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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