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The year in review

My munchkin is one year old now. And she still has all her own limbs! So far, so good….

Sofia in party mode

You know it's a good party when you can't remember where you lost your shoe

Important things I’ve learnt this year:

  • Small babies can shart a really long way – don’t point the pooper end at yourself
  • When your baby eats paper,  just think of it as extra fibre
  • When you’re overcome with worry at your baby’s sniffles, just remember all babies have to get colds some times, it builds their immune system
  • Even though you put several pages of newspaper down on the floor, the radius of food-fling will still exceed your estimate
  • Just because they can get up, doesn’t mean they know how to get back down
  • Seeing Mum do any domestic chores is an invitation to ‘get amongst’, including trying to climb inside the dishwasher, and crawling away with half of the wet socks she’s just hung on the clothes rack
  • Take all the photos you like, record every small detail, because they grow and change so fast
  • Appreciate the clingy phase because no-one will ever love you and need you this much ever again
  • When your baby learns to give squeezy hugs, you get the best warm fuzzies you’ve ever had
  • If you’re out and about and your baby is crying, ignore everyone else and do what you need to do for you and your baby
  • A good nappy bin is essential! The stink is horrendous, so it’s worth paying for those plastic-wrap cartridges that give you individually sealed nappy sausages
  • If you decide to let your baby have some ‘nappy-off time’, they will probably pee on your floor within 30 seconds of having no nappy on
  • Just when you think a sock is securely on, you find it discarded 5 paces behind you or you don’t find it at all
  • No-one will ever be able to properly describe to you what amazing joy there is in being a parent. You just have to find out yourself

Beauty regime tips:

  • Origins ‘No Puffery’ eye gel allows sleep-deprived mothers to open their eyes each morning
  • Garnier BB Miracle cream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but sometimes it’s all you have time for
  • Avene Eau Thermale water spray helps to clean down a poopy bottom and helps prevent nappy rash
  • A wash and go hairstyle is very helpful – I haven’t seen my GHDs for a year
  • If your baby smushes half of their apple biscotti into your ponytail and you don’t notice until you’ve already walked all over town, people won’t believe that it’s a new leave-in hair treatment
  • A combination of Dentinox cradle cap shampoo and Oilatum eczema cream helped to clear Sofia’s cradle cap


  • Your pram/buggy/pushchair/travel system. You’ll use it all the time, it has to hold everything, be washable and hard-wearing, be easy to use and manuvere – if you get it wrong, it’ll irritate you every time you use it.
  • Your change-bag will supercede your handbag. It’s the (stylish) portable kitchen sink for you and your baby, so there’s no limit to how many pockets and sections you need. To avoid getting a hunch from lugging it yourself, make sure it attaches to your pram/buggy/pushchair/travel system
  • A cot mattress. This is your growing baby’s back support we’re talking about. No-one thinks mini hunchbacks are cute
  • A babymoon. Take your rapidly expanding bump and get the heck outta dodge because in all likelihood, you won’t be going anywhere peaceful and relaxing in the first year


  • A cot is a cot is a cot. The cheap one from IKEA will do the same job as the over-priced one from Mamas and Papas
  • Muslin cloths. They just get used and abused, so no sense in getting fancy ones
  • Nappies. Find a brand that fits your baby’s butt and absorbs whatever comes out. Then when you see it on special – stock up! Same stockpiling approach goes for wipes… know you’ll use them!
  • Cute outfits. Babies grow so fast in the first year, there’s really no sense in spending squillions on designer threads for your little ones to destroy and outgrow. Save the trussed-up doily look for when they have a precocious mouth to go with the outfit

Man, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, I was having too much fun I guess! To my amazing little bubba, your Mummy and Daddy love you so much, here’s to many many more great adventures in our second year all together!

Rock on!

Team Eric!

With Goong and Por



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