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Every drop counts

Today I recieved in the post a thank-you letter from Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital thanking me for donating my breastmilk earlier this year. I even got a nifty badge emblazoned with the slogan ‘Every Drop Counts’, used by the UK Association for Milk Banking.

Donating my breastmilk was harder than I thought it was going to be. I think it was because I started too late, my milk production was pretty settled and I had a good routine with Sofia so I didn’t have that much extra to siphon off. So I had to create a feed in the day when I could get a bit extra out that didn’t affect Sofia’s feeding routine. Then I thought that when she started solids she would miraculously need less milk, however she took to solids quite slow and the amount she ate was minute, so she still needed all the milk she could get. And sometimes I found it quite hard to get a let-down as the pump never inspired the same hormonal surge that my real live baby does. All this combined with a Summer spent on holiday with my parents visit from NZ and I never really got into the habit properly. My milk pumping was a bit erratic to say the least.

Over the course of a few months, I managed to completely fill the top drawer of my freezer with several 50ml bottles of breastmilk, and when I couldn’t fit in anymore, I rang for a collection. Once it was emptied I didn’t know what to do with the space! Ice cream?

However, I am immensely glad I gave what I could, who knows which little babies I may have helped. If you want to become a milk donor check out the UKAMB website and find your nearest milk bank. If you’re interested, here’s a twee lil clip on the UKAMB site about the journey of donated milk. Once you’ve heard Gillian Weaver speak, play it with the sound off because the song is dreadful.


One comment on “Every drop counts

  1. Kristie West
    December 10, 2011

    Icecream? I will never eat icecream at your house. Nor any other homemade dairy product. 😉

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