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Cuteness on another level

OK, it’s probably waaaay too early to be worrying about this, but lets just say it out loud. My baby is the CUTEST baby ever. (period) Which makes me wonder – second time around, can I actually do any better?? Not to expose myself as a shallow image-concious person (ooopppsss……probably too late for that), I really worried about Sofia inheriting all the worst bits of mine and Nathan’s features. Nathan is still concerned that her nose is going to take a turn for the worst after babyhood and end up like his nose. I’m trying not to think about it because right now, she is the most adorable and beautiful person I’ve ever made.

But check out this quote from Jessica Alba on her second baby, Haven’s looks;

“I really only expected my child to look like [older daughter] Honor.  When the two of us made such a different-looking kid it was, like, ‘Okay, I guess we can do this too!’ It was a nice little surprise.”

Jessica Alba and Haven

What she really means is: “My first daughter is such a cutie and has our colouring. But I guess we’re stuck with this one too. Surprise!” She uses the word ‘nice’ – oh dear.

Here’s Jessica with Honor:

There’s something so nice about your kid looking like a better version of yourself. For a start, you don’t get asked this question while you’re on the bus with your pram parked next to a precocious little girl in her pram. She looks at Sofia, then up at me, wrinkles her forehead in thought then says “Is that baby yours?” My stunned reply “Yes, she’s mine!” Trying to be indulgent rather than indignant. (FYI non-Londoners, there was a good chance I was Sofia’s Asian nanny as many London mummies have imported one of these)

But seriously, what if my next kid isn’t as cute? All the balls go back into the genetic lottery and the next outcome could be completely different, in a bad way. I guess I’ll love them just as much, but will I play favourites? If I end up with two girls it could be hard not to compare. One of them will always be known as ‘the pretty one’. Actually, even a boy might be compared…. take my younger brother – he’s tall and good-looking, with high cheekbones, defined jawline, a bridge on his nose, and he has way nicer skin than I do. That makes me the prototype before the design was perfected. Ah well, I’m guessing my parents think “at least one of them turned out ok”……….

Enough about me – let’s look at some other celeb siblings…..

Violet looks just like Mum, Jennifer Garner, with those ears, and Seraphina looks more like Dad, Ben Affleck, with his eyes.

Shiloh clearly looks like Dad, Brad Pitt

Vivienne looks more like Mum, Angelina Jolie – just look at that pout!


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