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Awkward situations with guests

We (Sofia and I) just entertained our first guests in our new home! We had an afternoon playdate with Henry and William earlier this week and then Auntie Kristie came to visit as well.

The house was relatively tidy and baby-proofed, as my lil mischief-maker likes to roam all over the house now, and I wasn’t sure how the two boys would be as I hadn’t seen my ante natal friends for a few weeks. And alot can happen developmentally in that time! First to arrive was Lex and Henry who is older than Sofia. He is always such a smiley baby and as soon as he got here he decided that Sofia was going to be his friend. He flapped his arms excitedly and flashed her his best smile and gave us lots of chuckles as he reached out for Sof’s hand. So very very cute! But my lil girl wasn’t having any of them boy cooties! She was very shy and held her arms to herself as she made whinging noises…… I was thinking “Sofia! This is NOT how to win friends and influence people!” Then as I exited the room to make Lex a cup of tea Sofia cried for me, and Lex tried to comfort her by giving her a cuddle but this only resulted in Sofia crying harder. Oh man, nobody likes the baby who cries everytime someone comes near them……

As I returned with two cups of tea, Lex informed me that she’d pulled a soggy multicoloured pom pom from Sofia’s mouth. My response…… “That’s the second one she’s eaten today!” hmmmmm not the best display of my parenting. I’m not sure what Lex now thinks of my somewhat relaxed attitude to small fluffy choking hazards, but my slipper booties are now sans pom poms as Sof has removed all four of them with her two sharp little teeth.

The following day Auntie Kristie came for a gossip, and arrived when Sofia was having her afternoon nap. We managed to have a good hour long catch-up before the little missy decided to wake up and when she did, Auntie Kristie was ready for some cuddles. Sofia, however, was not. As Kristie entered her room, Sofia took one look at her and burst into tears – with really loud scared crying – and I had to pick her up in the middle of a pooey nappy change to console her. After the initial scary introduction, things didn’t really get any better from there with Sof’s face turning to terror if Kristie came too close to her, or even looked at her while she was having her dinner. I don’t know what it was about Kristie but Sofia was very wary of her. Not til she’d been up for a good hour and a bit with some distant observation was Sofia ready to let Kristie play near her with her toys and then finally have a little cuddle before bath time. Thank goodness Kristie wasn’t offended and took it well, despite Sofia thinking she was the equivalent of the bogeyman. 🙂

I don’t know what to do about my little girl! How can I show her that not everyone is scary? We’re off to Berlin this weekend, which means airplane and hotel and more friends for her to meet. Fingers crossed she doesn’t cry the whole time…….


2 comments on “Awkward situations with guests

  1. Veerle
    October 27, 2011

    At least after reading this blog, I’m prepared 🙂

  2. Kristie West
    October 30, 2011

    Bless her, little monkey.
    Aunty Kristie

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