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We’ve moved!

Finally I’m back online after living in the dark ages of no broadband, firmly ensconced in our new home in the Mum-central suburb known as Putney. What happened to our last place? Well, rent went up, we went ‘no way!’ and started looking around for somewhere else to live….. those that read my earlier post about being temporarily homeless due to a fungus infestation earlier on in the year, might not be surprised to learn that our flat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Combine this with warped creaky floorboards, damp and condensation, mould in the bathroom, loud Italian neighbours who shout everything and heffalumps living upstairs who slam their front door, you can understand why I might be excited to find a new home.

Looking around with real estate agents is never fun, they lie, are late, misinform you and charge you exorbitant fees. They also turn their nose up at you when they realise you have a baby in tow and they can’t drive you around numerous inappropriate properties that don’t meet your standard of living criteria. I spent one jam-packed Tuesday running and bussing around Fulham and Wandsworth meeting agent after agent at increasingly dismal looking properties. I didn’t make it to the last appointment so we rescheduled it, and Nathan went out the following night with the agent to be driven around three different properties, and that’s when he found this one! Glory be! Our search was over!

But the fun was jut beginning…. Have you ever attempted to pack your house while looking after a baby? No, me neither. It’s really hard work! Considering how tedious it has been to pack our belongings in the past, it is a mission to pack even a few boxes at a time when someone wants to play with everything you’re putting in the box, or is demanding to be picked up, played with, fed, changed and put to bed. I even caught Sofia picking the tape off a box I’d just packed!

I got there in the end though, and now we’re settling into our new home. Sofia was a little bit unsettled in her new home – like a kitten she largely stayed in the lounge to play and didn’t like to venture beyond her eyeline of me, and she really didn’t like me to leave the room without her! She has gradually gotten bolder and is now happy to roam the whole house while knowing that I am right where she left me. I think she understands that this is her new home now and that we’re staying here with all of our things that are (mostly) out of the packing boxes. Turns out she’s a timid little thing and she also likes to have a night light now because it’s too dark! This new house is wonderfully quiet and dark because it’s not right on the streetfront, which I thought would be a great thing to help Sofia sleep through the night, but she was waking up several times a night and couldn’t settle herself (even though I know she can!) and I was having to spend ages cuddling her to settle her back to sleep. Thankfully my Mum diagnosed the problem and voila, just like that – everyone’s back to getting some decent sleep!

Now that we’ve got great new home and purchased a new couch, dining set and several things from IKEA, I don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to move again for at least a couple more years…..well…….until the Home Office decides to boot us out of the country anyway.


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