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Quarantine! It’s the sniffles!

My baby had her first bout of sniffles this weekend. I’m sorry to report that I DID NOT take it well………

Nath came home from work all disease-ridden from mixing it with other germ-filled commuters on the tube and that horrible place called ‘work’ that is quickly fading from my memory. Thursday night he was coughing (very loudly like a gunshot) every 30 seconds and he woke Sofia up with a start which made her cry, which made me very angry because I’m the one that has to get up and get her back to sleep. My venomous tongue spat out the command “Go sleep in the lounge!” which poor Nath duly obeyed, but he wasn’t happy about it……

The next night I was much more contrite and let Nath sleep in the bedroom. However, because it was so noisy outside with Friday revellers (whoever said we lived in a quiet surburban street was lying) slamming car doors, yelling down the street, and having smoking parties right outside our door, I decided that Sofia would possibly get a better night’s sleep in our room. Oh how wrong I was……….

Mid-way through the night she was making snuffling snorting sounds, and I could hear boogers whistling back and forth up her nose. I lay awake in the dark fuming at Nath for giving her his cold and imagining all sorts of horrors associated with sick babies while I listened to poor Sofia’s laboured breathing. By next morning I was sleep-deprived, worked up and convinced that we were bad parents, and in particular I was a hopeless mother who had failed to shield my child from illness. Plus, I’d broken my sick-free run of eight and a half months.

Over breakfast Nath really got it in the ear. His own fault for flipping me off with his nonchalant comment about how all babies need to get sick to build up their immune system. While this may be a little true, don’t try and tell this to a crazed mother in the middle of the night while she’s panicking about her child’s stunted growth and development due to a debilitating illness….. My rant had the wind taken out of it though, by my happy smiley little munchkin, who despite having a snotty nose was all smiles and happily playing just like her usual self. No crying, screaming, fever-ridden demon had possessed her in the middle of the night like I imagined – she was just the same as always and dealing with her sniffles a whole lot better than her Mum. Next time she gets sick, properly sick, I’ll try to be a bit more rational about it……promise…..

By the way…is it just me or is there something quite satisfying about clearing your baby’s nose of boogers? The really slimy long ones that you suck out with the little aspirator-thingee. First of all you have to get the saline spray nozzle up your wriggly baby’s tiny nostril,  and then you have to get the nozzle of the aspirator up there too while maintaining pressure so you don’t let the suction go too early. Like trying to shoot into that tiny hole in the death star – TWICE – and imagine said death star was flying around erratically and shaking it’s melon from side to side in evasive maneuvers. Tricky stuff…. making the success of the mission that much sweeter!


One comment on “Quarantine! It’s the sniffles!

  1. CJ
    September 29, 2011

    Oh my god I can SO relate!! Brooklyn caught a cold off the plane Im sure when we moved over to Perth. The snot thing is fun – but you kinda have to hold their head down! She was smiles all through it and I was a wreck! Have you got teeth yet? Brooklyn has been a gem all the way through her first two bottom teeth too -we are very lucky!!

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