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The lost art of adult conversation

Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m boring my friends…… Usually when they ask me the casual question “So, what have you been up to?” my mind just goes blank and not a single interesting thing comes to the forefront of my brain to speak aloud, let alone try and be witty about it. Where exactly does my time go? It’s spent preparing and feeding Sofia solids, changing pooey nappies (of which there are plenty now that she’s eating so well) and putting her down for naps – as well as trying to fit in showering myself, feeding myself, doing laundry, dishes, prepping dinner, going to the supermarket and other outings. It’s hard enough to keep up with Facebook and email (and this blog!) let alone scouring the news for current events to give the impression that I know what’s going on in the world. Somedays it can easily get to 2pm and I’ll think, I should really leave the house for a walk……

How you know you’ve been spending way too much time with your baby;

  • You automatically call everyone ‘Bubba’ – you don’t mean to, but it just rolls off your tongue
  • You can’t turn off your high-pitched sing-song voice even though your baby is asleep/not in the room
  • You stop using polysyllabic words in sentences
  • You think you’re using an enthusiastic tone, but your friends just think you’re being patronising
  • The only TV channel you watch is CBBC
  • You stop pretending to know whats happening in the news, because your only response is ‘Huh?’
  • You have no idea what the pop songs are this week because you only listen to sing & sign
  • You have no idea what the fashion trends are for this season, because everything you wear has to be able to be puked on, spat on, be breastfeeding accessible and able to be thrown in the wash with everything else
  • In your mind ‘catching up with friends’ has become ‘checking their facebook page’
  • And lastly – Your baby looks relieved that she no longer has to look at you and is infinitely more excited when her daddy comes home at the end of his work day.

I don’t think I’m quite this bad yet……isn’t that right guys?……….guys?………hello?………..


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