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My guilty pleasure

Sofia is now 7 months old, and while she’s having 3 meals of solids a day, I’m still offering her milk 5 times a day. And I love that she still enjoys taking milk from Mum, because when she does eventually wean herself off me, I think I’m really going to miss it.

There’s the special time in the middle of the night when it’s just me and her, and the house is quiet. Her little hand is clutching my finger and my hand has hers clasped to my heart so she can feel my heart beating. I’m thinking “Do you remember this heartbeat? Do you know I’m your Mama?” Then after she’s had her fill and she turns her face to show me her peaceful sleepiness, she’ll sometimes give a contented little smile to herself and I’m so happy that I’ve made her happy. A look like that can fill you with love and sustain you through the physical drain of breastfeeding and many many broken nights of sleep.

So while other Mum’s have already weaned and have self-sufficient babies who can hold their own bottle, I’m actually dreading the day my little girl no longer needs her feeds from me because the truth is, that time I spend with her is my guilty pleasure.

DISCLAIMER: I am still teaching Sofia to drink from a cup which she uses with her meals.


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