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Amazing Miranda Kerr

OK, I think I managed well to get back into my skinny jeans a few months ago, but the crown for all time post-baby hotness has to go to Miranda Kerr. I mean WOWSERS……… I’m pretty sure her boobs are even better post-baby and how is her tummy so flat? Why is it that celebs never get stretchmarks? Or do they just have amazing body make-up that ensures we never see those flaws?

When you see celebrities who have bounced back so quick, you really feel the pressure to return to pre-baby normality. There’s an expectation (especially when you’re pregnant for the first time) that it will just melt away or something. I mean look at everyone else (and by everyone else, we mean celebrities we see in magazines). And I’m sure that men are getting some kinda warped sense of reality thinking that their wife/partner is going to miraculously recover her hotness in mere months. Let me tell you……it ain’t easy……. On my holiday in Sorrento I wore my bikini (the same ones I’ve had for years) and there was definite post-baby soft-belly going on in my now exaggerated pear-shape. Gok Wan – From now on I will be paying close attention to your style bible.

While I was at home, I hideously made the mistake of patting a friends post-baby belly and exclaiming “OMG are we working on number two?!?!” Oh dear…….cue awkwardness all round as I realised upon patting that it was the soft post-baby belly still present 7 months down the track and NOT the tightness of a newly pregnant belly. I am quite lucky to still have said friend after such an unforgivable faux pas. But this is what I mean – normal women can find it so hard to shift that post-baby belly so I propose the following; Mums should have access to personal trainers and yoga/pilates/power plate classes for free on the NHS. It’s only fair so we can keep up with this modern day fairytale of yummy mummy-ness.

Anyway, here she is in all her glory – look upon the goddess and weep ladies…….


One comment on “Amazing Miranda Kerr

  1. tasha310
    August 26, 2011

    That’s funny! I remember post-baby my 7-yr old niece asked me if I was still pregnant…lol

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