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Just eat something!

I have finally made progress on Sofia eating solids! For the last four weeks she’s been a real pain to feed. Not really enthusiastic, gets distracted easily, and only eats a few mouthfuls before she gets tired of the whole eating thing. Well, this week something clicked and now she happily eats what I put in her mouth, making mealtimes way more enjoyable for me!

When I met up with my ante-natal group the other week, all the boys were gobbling up their food. Eating confidently and in large volume, the other Mum’s had stories of favourite flavours, trying out different vege on their willing participants who would greedily eat it all up and ask for more if their Mum’s didn’t ration their portions. I listened to their stories in awe, wishing my girl could be a bit more like that cause I felt left-out. Feeding your baby is such messy fun, and it’s so rewarding seeing how they enjoy their food. (Isn’t that every Chinese Mum’s dream?)

While we were in Sorrento my Mum gave me some pointers on spoonfeeding technique that has made the whole thing way less messy. This new method, plus my baby actually opening her mouth and figuring out how to munch and swallow the puree means feeding success! When we’re out, I sit her up in her pram seat like a mobile highchair and feed her on the go wherever. I’m so good now that I even fed her on the tube today! I’m loving these pouch purees, you squeeze it out like toothpaste straight onto the spoon and there’s no messy dishes to clean up. I usually have to eat the last mouthful that she doesn’t want and lick the spoon clean (I never thought I’d become a Mum who ate their kids leftovers, but hey, it’s practical for washing up!) and I keep a little wet cloth on me so I can wipe her hands and face clean too. Plus my friend Jen put me onto these disposable bibs and I use them all the time now! Most purees, in their weird and wonderful colours, stain clothes and cloth bibs, so now I don’t bother with them and just use these paper towel bibs that are surprisingly strong and absorbent.

Sofia likes to grab the spoon I’m holding and guide it into her mouth, I wonder if this means she’s going to be the kinda kid who likes to feed herself?


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