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Overheating in Sorrento

We’re back from our holiday in Sorrento! The sunshine was fantastic, but it was also our biggest cause for concern. While I went brown inside of ten minutes, Nath attempted to get brown, (but mostly got red), little Sofia got smothered in sunscreen to shield her perfect baby skin from those evil UV rays. Now that she can roll both ways and is getting stronger and stronger everyday, slathering her in sunscreen is like trying to oil a squirmy octopus. Plenty of arms and legs to aim for, but not much successful contact. But I’m pleased to say that with perseverance and vigilant parasol cover, she did not get anywhere near close to crispy.

We flew into Naples, picked up Mum and Dad (aka Por Por and Goong Goong) from the train station and headed for the port to catch the hydrofoil ferry over to Sorrento. So far, so good. However, once we got to the Sorrento port, and tried to pile onto the local buses, we found that the small Italian coastal town buses were ill-equipped to handle a boatload of tourists and all their luggage. While Mum and I had gone to get bus tickets, Nath had wisely gotten on first with the pram, but this still left the rest of our party staring into the sardine-packed bus wondering how the heck we were going to get on. I adopted the bolshy Mum approach, screaming “That’s my baby!” as I threw my suitcase into the bus for people to dodge, thus making room for myself to hop in. Somehow Mum and Dad followed me and we were all on the sweltering tin can as it made it’s way up the hill. Unfortunately Sofia was NOT enjoying the crowded hot bus and started screaming and couldn’t be pacified even after I’d crowd-surfed over to her and gave her a cuddle. Standing (or rather swaying in a sea of tightly-packed people) on the crowded bus while everyone stared at my red-faced screaming baby was not helping Sofia calm down and in a ‘hysterical-mother-moment‘ I screamed out “OK, who’s going to give me their seat so I can sit down with my baby?!?!?!?!!!” Minor silent pause as the bus contemplated how nuts I was, then someone up the back decided I could have their seat. More crowd-surfing saw us safely landed on a plastic seat where a nice lady proceeded to fan my child until the bus eventually cleared it’s passengers at the town piazza. Or maybe people just didn’t want to be on the bus with me any longer. When we asked the driver if he knew where our resort was, he offered to take us straight there, and he didn’t make any other stops. I guess he wanted the crazy lady off his bus too.

Thus began our holiday in Italy……



One comment on “Overheating in Sorrento

  1. makemeringue
    August 10, 2011

    Hilarious, we go in 4 weeks and i predict my journey being similar. Cant wait!

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