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What can we learn from Disney Princesses?

I can’t wait to share all the animated movies we have with Sofia! Nath and I are great lovers of the anime genre and some kids movies have great adult humour and fun storylines these days. There’s always a good message in them in as well when you get to the happy ending. It’s a guaranteed feel-good time! Here’s a few of my favourite Disney Princesses:

Princess Jasmine – Apart from rocking a smokin’ outfit and toned abs, she has gravity-defying voluminous hair, a pet tiger and her daddy wrapped around her little finger. I admire her for her spunk and treat em’ mean to keep em’ keen attitude. She’s definitely no walk-over this adventurous princess.



Mulan – A dutiful Chinese daughter who takes her father’s place in the army. She’s fearless and smart and can do anything the boys can do!




Belle – She proves that all men who start out as Beasts can be encouraged and cajoled into better versions of themselves. Sometimes your Prince Charming is a work in progress and has to be revealed.




Ariel – Never trade your best asset with an evil sea-witch. Cuteness and a good pair of legs are no competition for a unique characteristic that gives you X-factor.




Rapunzel – Has some serious Daddy issues from her period of lock-up and absent father-figure, evident in her falling for the first guy she meets. I guess she doesn’t know that your first boyfriend is the ‘learner’ boyfriend…..



Tiana – Despite major setbacks kissing a Frog Prince and turning into a frog herself, she shows that hardwork and determination in making your own dreams come true is the happiest ending of all. True satisfaction is doing it for yourself! (Take note Cinderella with your fairy godmother!)


One comment on “What can we learn from Disney Princesses?

  1. fayefaye
    May 26, 2013

    i love ariel so much and i still watch the little mermaid mostly everyday!!!!!

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