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17 babies die every day

17 babies are stillborn or die shortly after birth EVERY DAY in the UK.

Normally Grazia magazine can be relied upon for fashion rants and light-hearted celebrity rumour-milling. But Top Story number 3 this week (just after Festival Fashion and Katy Perry’s marriage on the rocks, but way ahead of Jen Aniston and Cheryl Cole) is this shocking pictorial of 17 Mum’s whose happy expectant pregnant poses show nothing of the devastation and loss about to occur. It’s the most heart-wrenching thing I think I’ve ever read in a Grazia. There are a lot of Mums on the page whose babies were still born at 30-something weeks. This scares me because Sofia was born at 34 weeks. When I think back to the birth, and how quickly everything happened, I’m so glad that I opted for a C-section. Because what if I’d tried to give birth naturally and she’d become distressed? Her tiny body may not have survived a prolonged and difficult labour, and then I’d be another Mum on that page. The second she was born she cried out nice and loud, and it was the most amazing relief-giving sound, to know that she was alive and about to be checked over by a raft of experts who would be able to tell straight away if she was all ok. I can’t imagine how heart-breaking silence would have been, but that’s what 17 Mum’s experience every day in the in UK.

There’s a petition ( I just signed it) by Sands’ Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity which calls for more government funding into research about the causes of stillbirth and SIDS. You can sign the petition here.

Here’s me at 34 weeks and completely unaware that in 2 days time I’d be giving birth.

Me and my bump at 34 weeks


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