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Simple Summer Pleasures

The sun is coming out on a regular basis. It’s time to get excited in London, cause it must be SUMMER! And that means we can play outside, wear cute sundresses, go for long afternoon walks in the sunshine and sit outside at cafes and in the park.

With the warmer weather we’ve been sitting out in the backyard with blankets, music, ice-cream (for me anyway) and the bubble machine. Sofia can happily watch bubbles float around the garden for ages! And we’ve gotten her a paddling pool which we tried out for the first time yesterday on the once a year stinking hot day. She seemed to like it, but wasn’t sure about the coolness of the water. She was also probably confused at why Mummy and Daddy were giving her a bath in the middle of the day…outside….

I can’t wait til Sofia can really enjoy outdoor activities like flying a kite, playing with sand and water,  finding bugs, and riding a bike. If you’re already at this stage, here’s a list of 10 fun things for kids to do outside:

  1. Turn on the sprinkler and let them go nuts running in and out of the water
  2. Make some home bubble mix and twist wire hangers into a roundish shape to make giant bubbles
  3. Get some plastic containers of different sizes, the slotted spoon, the masher etc and let them play with sand and water
  4. Chalk the pavement with pretty designs
  5. Kick a ball, play hopscotch, tiddly winks or elastics – old school games
  6. Make and decorate a kite from paper or fabric and balsa wood, then fly it in the park
  7. Make an ant farm or worm farm or just find a bug to catch and observe for the day
  8. Choose a plant from the Garden Centre and help Mum plant it in the backyard. Water it everyday and measure it’s growth
  9. Turn on the stereo outside and play ‘statues’, when Mum stops the music you have to stop dancing and freeze. Whoever moves when they’re supposed to be a statue takes a step back and the other kids a step forward. First one to the far end of the backyard wins.
  10. Make a waterslide out of some black plastic and soapy bubble mix. Lay it on the lawn and slide across! Probably best to get a ‘no more tears’ solution for this one 🙂

Until my lil munchkin can do all this fun stuff, we’ll just have to make do with lazing about in the sun……ahhhhhh it’s a tough life…….

Sofia in sunniesPop-up pool


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