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Happy Father’s Day Nath!

Happy Father’s day to all new Dad’s including my amazing hubby. Your first Father’s Day, and I’ve prepared something special for you…unlike my Mother’s Day where you just completely forgot……

A re-cap of today goes a little something like this. Me and the girl slept in til 8am, so Nath got to open his multitude of small gifts after brekkie milk. I think he was quite impressed with my thoughtful and well-purchased, individually wrapped pressies. Sofia thought the balled up wrapping paper was awesome! The plethora included delights such as chocolate robots, a Berlin city guide for later on this year (hopefully), a DVD titled ‘Alien vs Ninja’ (2 of Nathan’s favourite things in one movie!) and tickets to the ‘Dr Who Experience‘ after a Father’s Day lunch at Tamarind – a michelin-starred Indian restaurant in Mayfair. Ooooooohhhhh fancy!

Sofia didn’t sleep all through lunch, instead she wanted to be awake and look around, even after she was quite tired and I’d fed her twice. And I fed her in the toilets because I was too chicken to breastfeed in the main restaurant, even though it was filled with families and lots of other small children. The family next to us had a 3 year old girl who thought Sofia was the cutest and wanted to share her rabbit with her. The fluffy animal kind, not in a curry. But Sofia did try naan bread, I think she quite liked it….it kept her quiet for a while at any rate, while it was my turn to hold and amuse her so Nath could eat his lunch.

Sofia tries naan bread

Sofia tries naan bread

Finally she had a sleep from dessert to the Dr Who thing, but when we got there with our sleeping angel, the staff told us that we couldn’t take our buggy into the exhibit, that there wasn’t enough space to wheel it around! So we waited for her to wake up (with some coaxing) which meant she was a little bit grump-face going in, and then we got to the interactive part of the exhibit. It was way too loud and scary with the alien techno noises and resulted in Sofia screaming so I promptly left the group and asked to be ushered around to the finish part to wait for Nath. The dumb thing was, when I got to the other side of the exhibit, they offered to bring my buggy to me! Sofia had a kick on the floor while waiting for Dad and then we finished looking around the rest of the exhibit, but I don’t think Sofia’s a Dr Who fan (just like her Mum then) because she just looked bored with it all and wanted to go home. So I fed her before our bus ride home, (you don’t want to have a screaming baby on public transport) and I found that the best thing about the whole exhibition were the two seats with footrests in the buggy park room where I could feed in peace. So – not quite the public start to breastfeeding week I was anticipating, but hey – there’s still the rest of the week to go! Right now, I can hear Sofia and Nath laughing during bath time. Daddy gets all the chuckles, cause he’s the fun parent. Looks like a great finish to Father’s Day for Nath from his little girl. 🙂


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