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Breast is best – part 2

World Breastfeeding Week iconIt’s National Breastfeeding Week starting 19 June – 25 June! I love that you are protected by law in this country, you can breastfeed anywhere you like and you can’t be harrassed or discriminated against. When you’ve got a hungry baby screaming for a feed, worrying about where to feed is not a concern breastfeeding Mum’s should have to think about along with everything else. For those non-breastfeeders out there who are offended, whipping your boob out in public isn’t something breastfeeding Mum’s relish. We don’t do it to get in your face or be indecent. We do it to feed our hungry babies the best nutrition we have.

In NZ recently a lady who was breastfeeding in a cafe was asked to ‘cover up’ and it has prompted a flurry of controversy over feeding in public in my home country. I think in this story, the offense was against the full exposure of the breast while she was feeding. But there are definitely ways to do it discreetly, so I say, be bold and go out where you want to and feed where you want to. Your baby is your number one priority, and you shouldn’t ever be made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome by anyone else. I usually throw a big-sized muslin over my shoulder and tuck the corner into my bra-strap to hold it in place, while the rest hangs over Sofia’s head and my boob. Alternatively, you can get these aprons that create a shield from any prying eyes (I’ve never noticed any) and help you feel more protected.

To celebrate National Breastfeeding week, I’m going to try and go out everyday (weather-permitting of course, this is London!) and breastfeed in public. Check out my facebook page to see where I’ve been that day. You can do the same, because the more you practice breastfeeding outside the comfort of your own home, the more at home you’ll feel in different circumstances. And you’ll get to know where all the comfy places are in your local area. The plushest seats I’ve found are at the Peter Jones department store on Sloane Square in the level 3 parents room, and the weirdest place I’ve fed is in a Habitat store where I spotted a comfy rocking chair on display. And don’t forget you can check out your local NCT branch for groups of breastfeeding Mum’s that meet up every week – in case you feel safety in numbers, or would just like some other feeding Mum’s to talk to while you’re all doing the same thing. Happy feeding everyone!


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