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Sofia’s fairy godmother

When we were back in NZ, we asked our very best friends, Kykea, to be Sofia’s godparents. You might think this is quite an antiquated notion, but I like this tradition – not the churchy baptism part because we’re not religious in any way, but the spiritual guidance part from trusted friends whom you know will love your child to pieces just like you do.

While I was pregnant I watched Life as we know it which is a romcom starring Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigel. In the movie these two leads end up with their best friends little girl to look after when her parents die in a car crash. It really prompted me to think about what kind of life I’d like for Sofia if we (godforbid) weren’t around to look after her. How would we want her to be raised? By whom?

When we thought about these questions, our main thoughts were that we wanted Sofia to be raised by people who had our same values, sense of fun and would also be fantastic parents to their own kids because we wanted Sofia to grow up with other kids. After deciding on these factors, the choice was clear. Kylie and Kea are going to be the best parents, fun, outgoing, patient, encouraging and loving. With just the right amount of discipline I’m sure 🙂

We fully intend to stick around and see our little girl grow up, but it’s nice to know that she will be in very good hands if the worst happens. And we know she has two people who will help guide her in the right direction if she needs to get a second opinion (ie: someone other than her parents!) about boys, fashion, and other important issues as her life progresses. If you have kids and you haven’t thought about it already – I urge you to take a moment and think it through, then make a will!


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