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Daddies are different

What would I do without Nath? Not a hell of a lot that’s for sure! Daddies have a different take on parenting, they may not always do things the way Mummy would, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get done. Considering Nath’s parenting disadvantage in not spending 24/7 with his new baby, he handles everything with calm confidence.

When I was convinced that I had broken one of Sofia’s fingers, and I was just about hyperventilating with panic, he calmly took her off me and checked her grasp reflex. He proclaimed all was normal on both hands, despite me nervously asking if her thumb always looked like that, and logically concluded that if one of her fingers was sore, she wouldn’t be putting pressure on it and gripping his finger with her fist like that. Which just proves that when Mummy is anxious and over-emotional, Daddy can be a beacon of calm for everyone.

And sometimes Sofia just prefers Daddy. She can be crying all afternoon with me, and then the minute Nath gets home, she goes all quiet and is a good girl for him. Which makes him wonder what the heck I’ve been complaining about all day…. One night I just couldn’t settle Sofia. She screamed and squirmed in my arms when I was holding her, but the minute she was with Nath, she was much more calm. Could she sense that I was exasperated? Nath ended up sitting with her til 3am so that I could get some sleep – now that’s love šŸ™‚

Nath is in charge of bathtime, and right from the start he was more confident holding Sofia in the water and I think she has more fun in the bath knowing that she’s being held securely. The first time I had to bathe her on my own, I dunked her face twice into the water. So I don’t question why he has to use two towels each time and I just let him get on with it. He’s also better at dressing her, I always seem to get her arms stuck and she screams in protest at my ineptitude, but she calmly lets Nath manipulate her little limbs into her clothes without much fuss.

When Nath had to go to Istanbul for work, I felt what it was like to be a single parent. It was all Mummy – all of the time. And it was exhausting! My hat is off to single parents everywhere, working and parenting 200% – I salute you! And Nath, I will never take you for granted – you’re an amazing Daddy!

Nath and Sofia doing tummytime

Nath and Sofia doing tummytime


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