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Breast is best

I watched a documentary on breastfeeding not long ago that really highlighted to me how lucky I am that I’ve been able to breastfeed without any problems. It seems like the majority of British women have some complications, and give up early. And it tends to be that young mothers never even start. Which explains the militant ‘Breast is best’ campaign and the surprised look I get from the health visitors when I tell them I intend to breastfeed til at least 6 months.

So when I received a weaning freebie pack in the post, it prompted me to think because it had some really interesting information about starting solids and had good information about nutrition for babies as well. And as well as pushing their branded follow-on milk, it supported continued breastfeeding which I thought was a very fair and useful thing to say.

I haven’t really thought about weaning yet, Sofia is so small still. But I think I might be starting to re-evaluate how long I’m going to be breastfeeding for, because the more I learn about weaning, the more it sounds like it’s going to be a slow process as milk is still the main food source until about 8 months. And solids actually only means slightly thicker milk a teaspoon at a time. I think I’m going to express as well so that I can make up her baby rice with breast milk, because the continued benefits sound overwhelming, plus, why buy it if I’m making it already?

Also, after getting back from NZ and talking to my cousin Tiff, who is still breastfeeding her 1 year old some of the feeds, I can see that it might be very convenient to continue producing milk for night and breakfast feeds. Looks like my boobs are going to continue to be the property of Sofia for quite a bit longer!


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