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Just a Mum

I got a call from my boss telling me about the new company structure that has changed since I’ve been on Maternity Leave. Apparently there’s a new position being created that she thought I might be interested in.

It’s lovely that she thought of me, but here’s the thing… career priorities have changed since I’ve become a Mum. And what I want out of a working life now is completely different to when I first came to London and got this job. For instance, I used to laugh at how simple my job was, and get frustrated at there was no responsibility or autonomy in my role. I had no budget, and barely had any objectives – except for the ones I set myself! But now I find myself thinking that this is the perfect job for me – low responsibility and so simple I could do it in my sleep! Why would I want to move up the career ladder into a full-time, office-based, high-stress and full responsibility job – when all I want to do is some easy, part-time, low-stress, no-responsibiity work where I can leave everything at the door, and I don’t have to worry. By the way, I’m not itching to go back to work anytime soon either…..I intend to live my full 12 months of Maternity Leave to the fullest!

Nowdays I find all my amibition is personal. My KPI’s all revolve around how many smiles, tummy-time minutes, number of feeds and dirty nappies a day, and hours of sleep a day I get from Sofia. Teaching her stuff and helping her to develop is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, moreover, she learns faster than any trainees I’ve ever had to teach, and adapts with her development faster than anybody I’ve ever had to work with. Plus, shes a darn sight cuter than anyone in the office, so why the heck would I want to go back??


2 comments on “Just a Mum

  1. Nick
    May 19, 2011

    sounds awesome. how do I make one of those?

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