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Travelling with baby

Travelling with Sofia has its benefits! She gets to have her own 20kg of luggage plus her pram! At first I was elated, a whole 20kg more luggage allowance means more presents, more shopping in HK….. but no. Nathan (being the practical one) rightly pointed out that we physically can’t carry 60kg of baggage between us and then also carry Sofia. What he actually means by this pertinent point is ‘I can’t physically carry 50kg of your luggage and the baby because you can only lift 10kg.’

And being good parents now, all of Sofia’s needs come first. So I made up a list of everything that she might need while we’re away. It was a lot of stuff! Nath had already half packed his pack too with his clothes and graciously allowed me the rest of the space. Because I wanted to pack all Sofia’s outfits in there too, this really only allowed me the most miniscule of capsule wardrobes. This is what I managed to fit in:

  • 1 summery dress
  • 1 merino dress
  • 1 nice dress
  • 2 pairs tights
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 1 pair of flat shoes
  • underwear for a week

That’s it – for three whole weeks! But it doesn’t really matter because no-one was looking at me anyway, everyone is completely besotted with Sofia!

Sofia slept so well on the plane, and was happy to lie in her AirNZ bassinet so we really didn’t have that much trouble. Flying at night was also a help because it was Sofia’s natural sleep time, and meant that Nath and I actually got to eat our airline meals! Trying to switch her time zone though, was another matter. When we landed in HK we had to convince the little Miss that her lunchtime was actually night time. It didn’t go down that well with her. Jetlag upon touching down in NZ wasn’t that fabulous either, everyone was desperate to see us and the baby, and the poor lil tyke (plus her tired parents) just wanted to crash out. The hardest thing was trying to turn Sofia’s tummy around. The first week she was still feeding mostly during the night and waking up multiple times in the night. It was like having a newborn again! The best friend we saw was Laura and her little girl Neve who was born the day before Sofia. We turned up at their house on our second day in NZ and we both must have looked terrible because the first thing she said to me was “Do you need an afternoon nap?”. This is a prime example where only parents really understand what other parents are going through. Laura had prepared a bassinet for Sofia so she could have an afternoon sleep upstairs and then she put me to bed in her spare room! This surely is the mark of a true friend!

It’s been great seeing all our family, and after a week Sofia was back into her London routine which made it much easier for people to get in some cuddles during the day. I was quite strict about maintaining her morning routine and bathtime routine so that amongst all the hubbub she had some semblance of normalcy. Now we’re about to head home and I have to change her back again!


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