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She’s not a dolly

The biggest attitude adjustment I’ve had to make as a new Mum is with Sofia’s wardrobe. When I was pregnant, I had all these fancy ideas of the cute outfits she was going to wear and I even bought her a few dresses off ASOS kids in anticipation. The stark reality of dressing a baby however is very different from dressing a dolly.

First of all, no dollies I ever had wriggled and refused to cooperate by holding their arms and legs out straight. Nor did they scream incessantly when you put an item of clothing over their heads and then tried to make domed poppers meet in some semblance of order while a wriggly body thrashed about beneath you. And despite the absence of a stopwatch, you do feel like you’re participating in some kind of time trial because the quicker and better you are at changing your baby’s clothes the happier they are with you.

The next dream-destroyer of cute frilly girly outfits is the comfort factor. Picture this, you’re laid up about 18 hours a day on your back and you can’t do anything for yourself. If you had an itch, you wouldn’t know where to scratch it because you don’t yet know that your hands are attached to your body and that they can scratch your itches for you. Now that I’m a mum, I obsessively cut all labels out of Sofia’s clothes, and won’t even consider putting her in anything that has buttons or zips up the back, or is remotely stiff or scratchy. My girl gets premium comfort in 100% soft cottons, merino, fleece and velour (thanks Por Por) and it’s button or poppers, front or shoulders only. This helps in the easy dressing part too, cause who the heck can do up the buttons and ribbons on the back of babies dresses?!?!

And lastly, economy-factor. It seems that every second week I’m culling a whole bunch of Sofia’s clothes and reworking her current wardrobe for things she’s grown into. So I’ve only bought her clothes that are on sale, and things that she can get a lot of wear out of, in easy-care machine-washable fabrics because you wouldn’t believe how much washing there is when everything is covered in drool, milk-spit up or poop.


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