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Happy Mothers Day to me

It’s my first Mother’s day today! Far from being pampered and basking in the glory of being a Mum, I am eating dinner alone while Nath holds Sofia who is screaming down the house…..

We didn’t go out today, nor did we get much peace and quiet for Nath to spoil me (if he’d remembered that is). Instead I spent the majority of the day trying to convince Sofia that sleep is a beautiful concept and she’d feel miles better if she had some. James and Andrea also came to visit over lunchtime and they got to see first hand the tag-team approach to parenting where you’re never in the same room as each other, you eat in shifts and conversations go unfinished because the baby is always interrupting you. I feel that the most valuable thing they learnt from us today is the necessity of contraception.

This is a short post as now I have to go relieve Nath so that he can eat some dinner, I can feed the lil noisy one, and then we’ll both hope that she falls into a milk coma so we can finally rest ourselves. Happy Mothers Day to me!


One comment on “Happy Mothers Day to me

  1. eliza keating
    April 3, 2011

    Happy mothers day..mine wasnt much better…never mind Eliza Keating

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