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Mothercare embarrassment

The other day I met Jen and Lochie for lunch, and afterwards we headed to the Mothercare change room to change and feed our babies. Everything was going quite well, we had the whole Mothercare room to ourselves and Sofia didn’t scream the place down, like she usually does, when I went to change and clean her butt. Once I’d wrestled her clothes back on, I sat down to feed her and in that time several other Mum’s came and went and the room got quite busy with some pram manouvering required.

By the time Sofia was finished feeding, there were two other breastfeeding Mums in the room with Jen and I. Carefully obeying the golden rule of the Mothercare change room (do not stare at the other Mum’s boobs while making chitchat) I burped Sofia and got her ready to go back into her pram. Hoisting her head towards my shoulder to lower her down into the pram had the effect of her urking up almost her entire feed over my shoulder, which then ran down my arm, dripped down my waist and hips and then leg, and finally ended up in a milky puddle in my shoe. The milk that had the good fortune not to stream down my entire body, pooled in a mess on the floor.

I was now wet and sticky and not in a good way. And the entire change room had gone deathly silent, I’m sure even the babies had stopped sucking it was that quiet, as the other Mums stared at me with silent OMGs on their faces. I didn’t know what to do so I laughed nervously while Jen came to my rescue and offered to hold Sofia while I mopped myself up with my muslin. Just to make things even more undignified, I then had to get paper towels to mop up the floor.

I knew that Sofia would be hungry again after upchucking her entire stomach contents like a bulimic-in-training, but I was too embarrassed to stick around and feed her again. So I quickly bundled her into her pram and Jen and I hightailed it outta there. I didn’t get to look around the rest of the shops, I was headed straight for home where I could feed Sofia in the comfort of my own home and more importantly – change my clothes!


One comment on “Mothercare embarrassment

  1. Mrs Kykea
    March 25, 2011

    Sofia 1, Mummy 0!!

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