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These are a few of my favourite things

Now that I’ve been a Mum for two whole months now, I realise that the days are pretty repetitive – which means that the baby items you use all the time have to be really really good. And you’ll quickly realise if they’re not.

So here are a few of my favourite things:

Lansinoh disposable breast pads

Lansinoh disposable breast pads – these keep me dry all day and all night, are ridiculously absorbent, and this means I haven’t had any trouble with my boobs at all. I briefly had a go with the Tommee Tippee brand, but using a box of those just made me realise how good the Lansinoh ones really are and I’ve now stocked up with three boxes to make sure I don’t run out anytime soon. (they’re currently 10% off from


Sangenic nappy bin


My Sangenic nappy bin – this makes an odourfree nappy sausage by encasing each nappy in it’s own plastic wrap. I don’t know how people used to have a nappy bin around before these were invented. The smell would have been gag-inducing! The only thing is getting Nath to change it regularly, it’s amazing how quickly Sofia can fill this bin.


Cot tidy

A cot tidy – I got this as a nice-to-have extra because Mothercare had one that matched the cot bedding I had bought for Sofia, but it is indispensable. While Sofia is in our room, our small compact bedroom, we keep everything we need for her in the cot tidy which means everything is to hand in the middle of the night when you’re bleary-eyed and half asleep trying to change her nappy.



And today Sofia’s bouncy chair was delivered! I have a feeling both her and I are gonna LOVE it…….

Sofia asleep in her bouncy chair

Sofia asleep in her bouncy chair



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