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Be brave Mummy

Today Sofia had her first lot of jabs for her 8 week immunisations. I am terrible with needles, I can’t watch when the doctor tells me that I’m going to have an injection and I have been known to faint on occasion…..

Lucky for me, Nath had a work-at-home day today and came with me to the Doctors, so at least one parent could remain calm for Sofia. Once we got into the room I felt all jittery. I kept glancing at my little girl snoozing in her pram, completely unaware of what was in store for her. The nurse explained what she was going to be giving Sofia and all the while I was looking at the needles she was prepping, thinking they’re adult sized needles! How are they going to go in my little girl’s thighs? She doesn’t even have that much chubb!

The moment arrived where I had to get her out of the pram and expose her little legs. Then, horror upon horrors, the nurse made me hold her down!! I can’t tell you how guilty I felt as I lied through my teeth to her cute little face, telling her everything would be ok and to look at Mummy while I smiled at her. The shriek she made as the needle went in pierced my heart with palpitations and oh, how she screwed up her face in agony – the betrayal! Just to make it doubly awful (for me that is) we then had to turn her over to have the second shot in the other leg.

My hands shook a little as I did up all her poppers, then she got a cuddle from Daddy and he made everything alright because she stopped crying almost straight away. In fact, she recovered faster than I did! As we left, I made the 12 week appointment for the next lot of immunisations. I will have to be a very brave Mummy next month.


One comment on “Be brave Mummy

  1. Mrs Kykea
    March 10, 2011

    “how she screwed up her face in agony…THE BETRAYAL!” Oh the poor thing!

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