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I’m trying to get a handle on some kinda routine for Sofia so I can start planning time-specific outings, like possibly going to the movies with Jen & Lochie, but I can see that won’t be possible if Sofia’s morning wake-up time is a bit like a lottery. And then if she’s going to cry for half an hour before each nap time that’s not going to go down well while I’m out and about. (see earlier post Visiting Daddy at work)

The New Contented Little Baby Book by Gina FordTo that end, I’ve recently purchased Gina Ford’s The new contented little baby book, and I’m not sure what to make of it. Her routines seem quite strict and involve waking Sofia at certain times of the day. I also don’t understand why she has you express three times a day? Are you expressing off the foremilk which Gina believes can lead to colic, or is she trying to boost your milk supply – but won’t this then lead to engorgement? I’m also not sure what you’re supposed to do with all this expressed milk? At no time during her daily routine does Gina say to give the baby the milk you previously expressed….. are you supposed to freeze it, tip it down the sink or perhaps donate it to African orphans?

My next lot of confusion relates to crying, because according to Gina, contented babies on her routine only cry for about 10 minutes each day. So her routines leave no room for crying time, meaning that if Sofia cries off and on for an hour (like she did today) instead of napping, that throws the whole routine off schedule and possibly has a knock-on effect into the next day. Gina doesn’t address how to correct this or what to do in the situation of crying while trying to implement her routines. Other unrealistic things she suggests are blackout curtains and quiet. Well sorry Gina, but sometimes these things are just not possible – like when you’re bringing up a city baby in a house with creaky floorboards, where you can hear your neighbour’s sneeze through the walls and you have really light curtains in your flat.

Has anyone successfully followed Gina Ford’s routines and attained this nirvana baby state of contentment??

Gina does have some good ideas though:

  • You need to feed up your baby during the day in order for them to sleep through the night
  • Her guidelines for awake time and nap time during the day also help with sleeping through the night
  • Not leaving the baby on the breast for long enough and therefore giving too much foremilk plus feeding before the previous feed is digested can cause wind
  • Give the baby 20 mins of wind-down time before settling in the cot to sleep
  • Put the baby into the cot while still awake to self-settle, rather than rocking the baby to sleep in your arms

To help me get a handle on what Sofia is actually doing with her day, I’ve kept a diary today and it tells me that Sofia is already doing some of the fundamental things Gina suggests on her own; she feeds 5 times during the day plus a late night feed, and she’s just started having only one night feed instead of two which sees her through to 7am or 8am. All in all, I think that’s pretty good! So what I’m going to work on now is her bedtime routine to get her onto a regular wake-up time and cut down on the crying before daytime napping where the cheeky monkey fights the onset of sleep.


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