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The crying game

Lately Sofia has been crying a little more. Some days it’s just during 7pm – 11pm, a common unsettled period when babies cry, and some days it seems she cries all day, after every nappy change and feed, she just won’t go to sleep! When we’re at home together, it’s exhausting because there’s only a certain number of things I can try, to figure out what it is that she wants. But when we’re out and about, it’s downright harrowing! Sometimes you can’t take her out of the pram so you just have to push her around and hope that she calms down until you can find some safe haven to see why she’s squawking, and then when you have her out and you’re holding her, you don’t have a free hand to push the pram around so you’re stuck where you are with a screaming baby.

I’m glad to say that I’m slowly getting better and better at soothing her and dealing with the crying. As far as I can tell, there’s a certain level of distress that dictates my soothing strategy:

  • DEFCON 5 – A short burst cry to say I’m here! I’m awake! Where are you?? Answer me dammitt!!
  • DEFCON 4 – A prolonged waaaaahhhhhh to say I’m hungry, I’ve pooped, hold me!!
  • DEFCON 3 – Annoying ongoing wailing  for no apparent reason. She’s holding her own anti-parenting protest rally and the sit-in can last for hours.
  • DEFCON 2 – Distressed sad face, higher pitched and really loud. Followed by gulping hyperventilation to regroup oxygen plus tears.
  • DEFCON 1 – The shrieking of true pain and suffering, the likes of which I hope never to hear.

Level 5 requires a stern tone or reassuring tone, and a cuddle plus a talking to usually does the trick.

Level 4 is all hands to action stations, trying to figure out what’s the matter.

Level 3 requires patience, pacing and patting.

Level 2 makes me feel so guilty! This has only happened once and resulted in lots and lots of cuddles for Sofia.

And just like the US Armed Forces, we have never had to go to DEFCON 1. Thank God!!


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