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Poo colour chart

When you become a Mum, you become obsessed with your kids poo. It can tell you so much about their health that you’ll find yourself staring into the dirty nappy and trying to decide whether this particular shade of green is worrying, or simply because you ate too many peas. I’ve now seen these different shades:

Black poo – Meconium – Sofia popped out quite a few of these at the hospital and it was so sticky that I was glad Nath and I were putting in a team effort. Several cotton balls were used, and it’s better if you can catch it sooner cause the longer it stays in the nappy, the harder it is to get off your baby’s butt! Our antenatal teacher recommended putting a touch of cream on your baby’s butt to make it easier to get the meconium off (we weren’t this prepared tho’) and I think Lucas’ pawpaw ointment would do the trick, it’s safe for babies bottoms as well.

Brown peanut butter poo – Formula – Sofia pooped out a stinky one of these after her formula booster day in hospital and it was her homecoming present to us. We’d only just got in the door after coming home from hospital and I could smell her butt immediately after taking her out of the pram. This was such a big poo and such a stinky one that I had to google a baby poo colour chart to ensure it was completely normal. I had the colour chart up online and then I took a cotton ball swab of it and held it up to the screen to compare. I even sniffed it…….

Here’s the link to the poo chart I used: Baby poo colour chart

Mustard poo – Breastfeeding – Finally after my milk came in, Sofia started sucking back the good stuff in great quantities. This meant that it all came out the other end though…..

Now that we’re settled in at home, I find myself keeping track of how many times a day Sofia is pooing and how much! There’s an iPhone app for this of course…..


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