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Access all boobies

Now that I’m not just sitting around the house feeding Sofia and I’ve actually had to go out in public (Quel horreur!), it has shown my wardrobe to be quite deficient in the nursing department. Cue major wardrobe overhaul and a serious rethink of my shopping requirements for the Spring/Summer season…….

What does one need to look for in a nursing wardrobe?

  • Ease of access to boobies
  • Easycare fabric with a bit of stretch
  • Flattering to the post-pregnancy figure
  • Has some semblance of style

Now, you may be thinking; “But isn’t there specialist nursing attire out there for Mums!” And yes, there is.

Theres the nursing T-shirt with hidden letterslot flap which you can lift up:

Or theres the side stretch where your boob can pop out under your armpit:

But it’s all designed for Mums who simply unleash their boobs, and their baby (who could be lying up to a foot away) will have no trouble getting to the nipple. Poor Sofia, on the other hand, has to work really hard to get to mine – when the nursing bra flap opens, that’s all that happens. No boob flops out eager to make nipple meet baby mouth, it’s more of a ‘come and get it’ kinda reveal. She presses her little face into my boob and sometimes grabs at it with her hands, all of which I find endearing, but in reality the poor wee thing is just trying to get a decent mouthful for some proper suction.

Nevermind, these tops are hideously Mumsy and theres such a limited variety of them that everyone at your Mums and Bubs coffee group will be wearing the same thing. (Quel horreur!) So I’ve been scouring the shops to see what alternatives I can find, and this is what I’ve bought so far; stretchy cotton V-neck maxi dresses, a V-neck kaftan maxi (all from ASOS), a wrap top ruffle dress from H&M, and a black cotton wrap dress from Zara. All of these work on the principle that I pull aside the top to fold down the nursing bra flap – and when I’m not feeding, I get to wear normal clothes!

And today I purchased these two online from ASOS. When they arrive, I’ll let you know how they look!


2 comments on “Access all boobies

  1. Aggi Monk
    February 20, 2011

    I’ve had exactly the same thoughts about nursing clothes. The “boob slot” tops look a bit much to me so I’ve ended up buying 4 of the same kind of fold down vests in different colours and match them with some stretchy empire line tops. I haven’t gone public yet – not quite profficient in the art of getting baby to latch on swiftly and graciously (your description of putting Sofia on the boob made me laugh :))) However, I think when I finally gather the courage, I’ll go for two layers of which the bottom one folds down and the top one up – probably not the most attractive look but it makes me feel more covered up. Btw, love the dresses you’ve bought!x

  2. clare daniels
    February 21, 2011

    I had a massive dilemma about what to wear to our friends’ wedding this weekend. i can’t yet get into any of my “normal” clothes and haven’t yet stocked up on much more than the odd nursing vest top (i’ve not needed anything more than that in our front room!). ended up in a maternity skirt and materity top over a nursing vest. Was able to pull the top up and the vest down without too much breast on show, but was a awkward moment when a kind waiter came to offer me some water and Olly had a badly timed chocking fit and i ended up just bearing all to the poor man!! Sure it will get easier with time…or we will just end up not caring who we’re flashing at!!

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