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The not so enchanting palace

Today Mum and I ventured out to Kensington Palace to see the Enchanted Palace exhibition. The trip there was going quite swimmingly with the little Miss settled in her pram – that is, until we got to Kensington Gardens, and the cold wind whipped past her chubby cheeks. Poor little mite started crying in protest so we pushed her as fast as possible to the palace entrance. I decided to change her nappy in the bathroom, but if you’ve read my previous post, then you’ll know that Sofia doesn’t appreciate this good service I do for her. For anyone that sings in the bathroom, you know it’s the best place for karaoke because of the acoustics. For anyone with a screaming baby, you’ll know that it’s not the best place to hang out because you end up with that echoing screaming in stereo, that all other visitors lining up to enter Kensington Palace can hear as they wait for tickets……

With clean butt and screaming ceased, the next step in the plan was a feed. My first time breastfeeding in public! There was nowhere around the palace apparently (throne room?) so we were directed over to the Orangery – the posh cafe across the green. We bundled Sofia up as best we could in her fleecy blanket, but she still squawked in protest at the cold as we crossed the grass to get there. I strode through the glass doors to see the ‘Please wait to be seated’ sign, which I promptly ignored – same to the waitress – and headed for the far end where there were empty tables in a private area.  I sat down and set up camp with my muslin and boob out. The waiter who came over our way left us in peace when he saw what we were up to. Mum decided a goodwill gesture of a cup of tea might be in order, but was told that the area we were sitting in was actually closed to service, so we sat there for free until Sofia was finished, burped and settled back into her pram. Then we promptly left.

The exhibition wasn’t quite what I’d expected, the fashion and fairytale extravaganza hosted in the state apartments wasn’t as grand or opulent as I’d been led to believe, and the fashion was all too far away to really be appreciated. There were some nice interactive pieces though, which I would have played with if I hadn’t had to carry Sofia around because she woke up and started crying….again…..

What I learnt today:

When breastfeeding in public, confidence is key. Walk into chosen breastfeeding space and take a seat like you own the place while waving away any pesky service people who attempt to dissuade you from getting your boob out in their establishment. Remember: you’re the Mama, and nobody messes with your baby.



3 comments on “The not so enchanting palace

  1. Mrs Kykea
    February 18, 2011

    Brilliant, just brilliant! Sofia is just past a month and I’m nearly 30 – she beat me to visiting Kensington!!

  2. Mrs Kykea
    February 18, 2011

    PS: Jessica Alba is pregnant again!

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