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Citizen of the World

We’re applying for Sofia’s passport application, it’s tricky stuff – I’ve been through two application forms! The UK no longer offer citizenship to babies born here, so Sofia gets to be a Kiwi. However, when your kid is born outside of NZ, you have to also apply for her right to citizenship, so that’s an additional application form – and an additional fee!

When I was filling out her details, you have to state her eye colour and height. Well, I put 50cm as an estimate, but we just went to the Health Clinic to have her measured and she has grown so much! She’s now 54cm long and weighs 3.6kg! Her eye colour was giving me some trouble too as she has grey-brown baby eyes because her eye colour hasn’t settled down yet. I put brown because that’s the colour I think they’ll be – does that make me a liar?

Nath has now dropped her documents off at the NZ High Commission and in 6 weeks time, we get her shiny new passport – in the new design.

Silver fern NZ passport design

I don’t know how they do biometrics for a baby though, it was hard enough getting her photo!

Passport photo attempts

Passport photo attempts


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