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Red eggs and ginger day

Today Sofia is one month old! This is a very special occasion in Chinese tradition. Historically the infant was likely to thrive if it could reach one month, so this is when the baby would be formally presented to the family and named. To celebrate, the new parents would give out red eggs – even numbers for a girl, odd numbers for a boy – and special celebration dishes would be on the menu for everyone to eat, like pigs trotters and eggs and longlife noodles.

Red eggs symbolise happiness and new life.


Guests can give the baby ‘lucky money’ in red packets, or clothes with tigers embroidered on them. Hats are for good luck, and shoes with the tiger’s eyes open are supposed to help the baby learn to walk. Sofia is born in the year of the Tiger so this is doubly appropriate! Grandparents also give little girls jewellery, and Sofia has been given my 24k gold bracelet and my little jade bracelet from when I was a baby, which her Por Por was keeping safe for her. She still has to grow a little bit before she’ll be able to wear these though!

We’re supposed to shave her head too, but instead I’m just going to take a little lock of hair for her baby journal after she’s had a bath tonight. Cause she’s way too pretty with her full head of hair to mess about with it!

Sofia will get her chinese name when we go back to NZ in April and she gets to meet her great grandmother who will look her over and give her a name. My chinese name means ‘precious pearl’ so I hope Sofia gets something equally as pretty!


One comment on “Red eggs and ginger day

  1. Nicole
    February 11, 2011

    I’ve never seen red eggs before!

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