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Our first outing

Today Sofia is 4 weeks old! My how time flies….. We’ve been observing the Chinese tradition where we stay indoors for the first month, but today I had a post-natal follow up check with my Obstetrician at ChelWest, so my Mum (aka Por Por) thought it was a good idea for us to tackle leaving the house.

When you have a baby, you can’t just leave the house in 5 mins. Careful planning and preparation is required – plus equipment. Her handbag is bigger than mine! I checked when she had her elevenses, and worked out that if the appointment was for 2:40pm, then we’d need to leave the house at 2pm, and I’d need to start getting her into her outdoors outfit and into the pram about 1:40pm, with a nappy change and feed just before that starting at about 1pm.  Then I packed and double-checked that her nappy bag had everything we might need in it to survive an explosive poo on the hop.

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Sudocream
  • Bomb disposal bags
  • Change mat
  • Change of clothes
  • Blanket

Everything was going according to plan and Sofia was tucked up nice and tight in her pram cocoon, plus Por Por tucked in a blanket as well for good measure, then we zipped her up and were out the door. I’m pleased to say that the Bugaboo Bee is light, agile and you hardly feel you’re pushing it. We negotiated kerbs, cobblestones, doorways, and the (sometimes) massive chasm between the bus and the footpath with ease. We also squeezed into the tightest parking spaces on the bus next to some seriously Hummer-sized prams and strollers – and Sofia remained asleep throughout the whole journey! No bus announcements, sirens, or juddering disturbed her. It makes me hopeful that I’ll be able to take her out again with the same stressfree ride on public transport.

After the appointment, she was still behaving herself so Mum and I ventured a coffee and dessert at Carluccios opposite the hospital. Sitting in the cafe I felt like a real person again, who could actually go out and enjoy life and have conversation while mingling amongst the masses. Rather than the milk tanker automaton whose only settings are; change the baby, feed the baby, burp the baby, rock the baby to sleep. And repeat as often as required.

With Mum here as back-up I’m going to slowly build up my travel miles again until I’m a fully functioning mobile unit who can go anywhere I like! So long as it’s ok with Sofia of course…….

All rugged up and ready to venture outside


2 comments on “Our first outing

  1. Veerle Simons
    February 9, 2011

    There is this really funny Dutch cabaret performer and she has a comic sketch about going outside with your kids. Her name is Brigitte Kaandorp, but unfortunately it’s only in Dutch. I’ll see if I can find the sketch with English subtitles, coz you gonna love it for sure 🙂
    Good to hear you’re out and about again, feeling well and having this lovely kid!

  2. Mrs Kykea
    February 9, 2011

    Sofia’s first time leaving the house, breathing in outdoor air, hearing different sounds, and being pushed along the London Streets and even venturing into a cafe. What a lovely life she is going to have!!

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