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The nursing bra search

In my last trimester I started looking at my nursing wardrobe, and the most important item on my ‘must-buy’ list was the nursing bra. But I didn’t know it would be a quest of significance equal to Hercules’ hunt for the Golden Fleece!

Problem number 1: I have always had teeny tiny lil boobies – somewhere in puberty the boob fairy skipped over me, or perhaps she allocated my share of fairy dust to Fiona Massey who had massive knockers at age 11 and was the fascination of all the boys. Whatever, my boobs just didn’t grow. Needless to say, I was hotly anticipating finally getting some cleavage when I became pregnant! But while my friend Laura got up to Pamela Anderson proportions within the first trimester, I only managed to swell on a beesting level. I didn’t even have to buy new bras, I simply filled in the gap in my old bras which is where I used to hide things like my ipod, wallet, tissues, hors d’oeuvres………..

Disappointment was only the beginning. I quickly moved into demoralising territory once I started looking at my options. I searched Mothercare, Mamas&Papas, M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams, ASOS, and Amazon to name a few. Most nursing bras start at cup sizes C or DD and most commonly at around a 34 back measurement as the smallest. I was barely busting out a 32B. To make matters worse, the smaller sizes were scarce (and still too big) and the majority of items I found in stock were crazy measurements halfway through the alphabet, with back measurements that would go around me twice. I looked at these over-shoulder-boulder-holders in amazement – who are these women that are carting around milk jugs big enough to feed Africa?? I could easily have fitted my entire head into some of the cup sizes!

Problem number 2: why are they so UGLY?? Is it so hard to make a nursing bra that’s comfortable, functional and pretty? I mean, this is one time in your life when your boobs are going to be on display, (even if you breastfeed discreetly) and you’ll be getting them out in public on a regular basis, so you need to show those puppies off in something glam. Plus, if you’re already wearing control-top pants, you really don’t want the matching Nana-look on top. The brands Hot Milk and Elle MacPherson are the height of prettiness in nursing bras, available from

Problem number 3: Soft-cup + nursing pad = lumpy bra. I wear T-shirt bras all the time, they give you a smoother, nicely rounded shape and the foam shell helps to hold and disguise the ipod and hors d’oeuvres lumps. T-shirt nursing bras exist but they are very rare in the wild. Mothercare have some, but when I went into the store to try some on and be fitted, there were none to be found.

Fast-forward to post-Sofia days and my milk coming in, and voila!! Instant engorgement has boosted me up another cup size! I have now ordered some 34B T-shirt nursing bras from Mothercare (their smallest size) and I’ve asked for this pretty camisole for Valentines day from Nath.

Ruffle my feathers camisole from Hot Milk


2 comments on “The nursing bra search

  1. Dad
    February 6, 2011

    Oh haven’t I taught you well. You kill me with laughter with your mother not at home.

  2. theaspiringyummymummy
    February 9, 2011

    My 34B nursing bras arrived today and I was daunted by how large they looked in the packaging, but I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I fit into them!! Woo hoo!!

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