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Wardrobe overhaul for bump

Up until about the 5 month mark I’d been skating through my pregnancy in my old clothes, still shopping at normal stores in my normal size. Once I needed to start looking at maternity clothes, my fashion focus started to turn a corner……

First of all – where to look? The obvious choices were Mothercare and Mamas&Papas – popular baby brand stores. But I couldn’t see anything I liked and my bump wasn’t so big as to require it’s own tent with supports, I just wanted some more comfy, more accomodating clothes at a reasonable price. Cue huge online shopping spree at none other than ASOS!

I really love the ASOS service, the easy browsing, the fast delivery and no-fuss returns. Plus all the bargains that can be had! For better browsing, I had to devise a pregnancy fashion plan – what would my ‘look’ be?

I ended up with a few fashion staples, and went for cute dresses that were stretchy and comfy layered with cardies to take me from Autumn to Winter. I couldn’t have lived without:

  • Heat-tech tights from Uniqlo – keep legs warm and toasty under cute dresses
  • Elastic-topped jeggings from Uniqlo – comfy and stretchy and holds you in!
  • Baby-doll and empire-line dresses from ASOS – you lose your waist, so emphasise your shape above the bump
  • A pull-on pair of low-heeled black boots – eventually it gets hard to bend down to do up zips or laces
  • Longline and waterfall knit cardies – they wrap around and drape nicely

Eventually I grew out of my coats as well, and I found a really pretty plum-coloured one at JoJoMamanBebe – this coat can still be worn now, post-pregnancy – an investment piece I reckon! It’s made from wool, long, and has buttons just at the top of the coat, letting the rest of it drape loose. You’d think this doesn’t sound that warm, but when you have 50% extra blood pumping around your system, you tend not to feel the cold so much……..

Me and my bump at 34 weeks, dress from ASOS Maternity

Me and my bump at 34 weeks, dress from ASOS Maternity


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